Robot Rodeo FAQ

Will there be concessions? Yes we will have hot dogs, meatball subs, pizza by the slice, drinks and baked goods.

What do you mean by “donut” in the fashion show/dance off? We mean one complete spin in place, NOT driving in a circle.

What will the border of the stage and robo-walk be? Silver duct tape, the outer edge of the tape will be the boundary.

What constitutes as out of bounds for the fashion show/dance off? The judges will be looking for the wheels to cross over the entire line to be out of bounds.

Where on the dance floor does the robot have to start? The robot can start anywhere on the 10 x 10 stage area, so long as the entire robot is inside the tape.

Who starts the music for the routines? Each team will start their own music as we expect the teams to work out synchronizing the robot start with the music start.

How many times will a team be allowed to run through their routines? We are hoping for 3 each. Each team will get one restart per routine, provided the restart is signaled in the first 10 seconds of the routine.

How should the music be delivered? Anything way teams choose to, so long as it has a head phone jack to plug into. So basically any MP3 player or laptop will work.

How will the dance offs be decided? We have three judges that will assign a technical score, if all the required elements are completed a perfect tech score is given. Each missed element will be deducted from the tech score. If the robot stays inside the tape during the whole routine a bonus of 5 points will be added to the tech score. The Judges will also assign an artistic score, this is purely subjective, between 1 and 10. Each judge’s technical and artistic scores are added together, and then the three judges scores are averaged.

How many runs will each robot get for the obstacle course? It looks like we’ll have time for 4 to 6 runs per robot. We will guarantee that each robot gets the same number of chances.

How is the obstacle course winner decided? The robot with the fastest run will be crowned the winner. Time is added for missing obstacles or being “rescued” from an obstacle. This year there are performance achievements that will allow teams to earn deducted time from their final time, these will be explained at the event during the drivers’ meeting.

What do we do if we need to be “rescued”? The driver will be given a rescue flag, the driver tosses the flag to signal a rescue.

What is the penalty for a rescue? Each obstacle is given a penalty point amount, the first flag of a run will be 25% of the obstacles point value, the second 50%, the third 75% and all others after that 100%.