Our Mentors

Aaron – Team Founder and Spiritual Patriarch

IMG_3413 Aaron earned his associates degree in Electronics from EMTC (now known as an EMCC) in Bangor and his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix. Aaron brings over 16 years of software development experience and 3 years of electro-mechanical maintenance experience

paul s. – lead mentor

DSCF0069 Paul earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from USM and brings more than 12 years of software development experience to the team.

laura – spirit team mentor

IMG_3522 Laura is our Non-Engineering Mentor. She is very active in the community as a member of the West Gardiner Historical Society and West Gardiner Recycling Committee. She advises the Spirit and Fundraising teams. Not to mention supplying all the positive energy we need during the stressful build season.

Mark –  engineering mentor

IMG_3433 In 2008, Mark’s son came home from Robotics asking for help with a gear box and ever since, Mark has been helping out. His son and him started to help out in Mesolonkse and a few other teams around the state. Now he helps us 4041 tigers out.

Dan – Build mentor

 IMG_3464 Dan is a combat system specialist at Bath Iron Works

Lori – spirit mentor

IMG_3363 Lori gets anything and everything for the team when ever needed. She is the acquisition specialist and is known as Mother Martha. Lori loves to shop for dollar deals.

Lyle – programming mentor

 DSCF0069 Lyle is a lego enthusiast who switched to FIRT robotics.

sean – media mentor

awesome seanie mcseanface Sean is the ‘Where is Waldo?’ of the team. He comes and helps out when needed. He’s better at being behind the camera than in front of it. He is always in the back somewhere; you just need to look to find him.