About Us


The Gardiner Iron Tigers are a sanctioned club of the MSAD11 School District.

Our mission is to compete in two FIRST New England Districts each year. FIRST is a non-profit organization that creates, sponsors and runs robotic competitions such as Lego robotics, Lego robotics junior, and high school robotics. All the ages of all the different competition members are from six to eighteen.

Any Gardiner Area High School student or high school aged home school student that is registered with the Gardiner School District is eligible to participate in the program. The team welcomes students who want to expand their options and learn new skills or put existing skills to a unique challenge.

While science and technology are a focus for the team, it’s not our only focus. We need students that have an interest in art, writing and video production as well as marketing and finance.

Finally, by participating on the team, you gain access to over $19 million in college grants and scholarships that aren’t available to non-participants.

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